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Independent Living Considerations for Seniors

Ryan Novaczyk

In his role as president and CFO, Ryan Novaczyk handles operations and growth strategies for New Perspective Senior Living, a company managing 22 assistant and independent living communities in four states. Sales and marketing professional Ryan Novaczyk holds several senior-care focused finance and sales certificates from the Erickson School of Aging at the University of Maryland.

Upon retiring, many seniors decide to sell their homes and relocate to a different type of living arrangement. Independent living encompasses a variety of settings, including standalone homes in planned communities and apartment complexes with shared living spaces.
Residents of independent living communities pay a monthly fee that includes landscaping, home repairs, and in some cases, housekeeping and planned social activities. Many communities also offer facilitated transitions to assisted living if residents experience a sudden decline in their health.
Before moving into an independent living arrangement, retirees must consider their health needs and financial situation. On-site health care is generally not provided and monthly fees may not be suitable to all retirees.

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